Top Ten Voltaire Songs

VoltaireI have quite eclectic taste when it comes to music. There is no one genre that would stand out above the others in my taste. However, I do tend to prefer artists who have their own unique sound – the kind you can immediately identify as soon as you hear them sing. Sandi Thom, Frente and The Indelicates are all in my top ten. One of my favourite artists, though, is Aurelio Voltaire. I love almost all of his music. In fact, I found it incredibly difficult to narrow my list down to just ten songs! If you haven’t heard Voltaire sing before, you are in for a treat.

If you enjoy any of the songs on this list, I urge you to do the right thing and pop on over to CD Baby or Amazon to buy his albums. They aren’t expensive and he doesn’t do this job for free!

Now that has been said, here is my top ten list of Voltaire songs, from ten to one:

Number 10

Hate Lives In A Small Town

Number 9


Number 8

All Women Are Crazy

Number 7

Happy Birthday My Olde Friend

Number 6

The U.S.S. Make Sh*t Up (Bitrektual Version)

Number 5

The Industrial Revolution

Number 4

Feathery Wings

Number 3

Goodnight Demon Slayer

Number 2

It’s Bigger on the Inside

Number 1

Almost Human

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