Trendo Vs DailyMotion Part 2

trendo logoIn my quest to find a viable alternative to YouTube, I have been road-testing Trendo & DailyMotion. This is being done in three parts. Part 1 was dedicated to joining and to my initial impressions. Part 2 is all about how easy it is to upload. For the purposes of his post, I uploaded two videos to DailyMotion. Then, using the same videos, I uploaded one to Trendo and embedded the other in Trendo.

Here are my impressions:



Embedding. While you can upload to Trendo, you also have the option of simply embedding a video you have uploaded to another site.


Title. Trendo has rather small character limit for video titles and was unable to include my full title.

Upload Limits. Trendo has a video limit of 15 minutes and 500MB.

Upload Speed. Videos take forever to upload.

Date. I could not find any way of adjusting the recording date when uploading old videos.

Video Tab. Instead of having recent videos show up on your profile page, Trendo provides a separate video page. This means visitors have an extra mouse click to view your videos.

Video Page. I found the Trendo homepage to be quite cluttered.

Thumbnails. The video thumbnails are temperamental. Sometimes you get an image, sometimes you get a generic grey box.



Upload Limits. DailyMotion’s upload limits are a generous 60 minutes or 4GB.

Upload Speed. My videos are generally uploaded by the time I am finished typing in my details.

Webcam. DailyMotion allows direct upload from a webcam.

Mass Uploader. I have not tested this feature, but it is an option for those who need it.

Date. The videos I uploaded were quite old, so I liked having the ability to adjust the recording date.

Playlists. This was one of my favourite features on YouTube and I was sad to see it missing from Trendo.

Recommended Video. When you upload a video to DailyMotion, you are given the option of pointing viewers in the direction of the video of your choice, allowing you to promote your favourite videos.

Sharing. DailyMotion offers full integration with Facebook for those who wish to use it, but it remains optional. The site also makes it quite easy to embed your video in your blog or webpage.

Video Location. Your recent videos appear on your profile page.


Tag Limit. Unfortunately, DailyMotion has a tag limit of ten per video.

Predictive Text. When typing in tags, you need to be aware of the location of your mouse curser or you may end up with completely different tags to what you intended.

The Verdict

At this point, DailyMotion is definitely in the lead.

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