Trendo Vs DailyMotion Part 3

daily motion screenThis is the third, and final post in my series about Trendo Vs DailyMotion. Part 1 was about my first impressions. Part 2 was all about uploading videos. This post, Part 3 will be detailing my final impressions.



YouTube Community. A large number of my favourite YouTube community members have migrated over to Trendo.

Comments. In Trendo, my videos received several comments. This did not happen in DailyMotion.

Embedding. While you can upload to Trendo, you also have the option of simply embedding a video you have uploaded to another site.


Subscription Fee. Trendo is no longer a free site. In order to continue uploading videos, users will have to pay a small subscription fee. While I understand the need to cover costs, I don’t feel that he current level of service is worth paying for.

Lack of Consultation. While the new subscription fee is small (just $2 per month), I object to the fact that it was introduced suddenly and without warning. One day users went to log in only to find themselves unable to access their videos. Why pay to be treated like dirt when you can get it for free at YouTube?



Free. DailyMotion is a free service.

Simplicity. DailyMotion is easy to use and has a streamlined, uncluttered appearance.

Playlists. This was my favourite feature at YouTube so, of course, it is the first feature I looked for. DailyMotion allows users to create playlists on their profile page, making it easy to keep track of favourite content.

Sharing. DailyMotion makes sharing your videos easy with two two different embed codes (the usual YouTube style link and i-frame code),  share buttons for all your favourite social networking sites, and full integration with Facebook (completely optional).

Uploading. DailyMotion has generous upload limits and an impressive upload speed. Amass uploader is available o those who need it, and users have the option of uploading directly from their webcam.


Friends. Most of my friends and favourite You Tubers have chosen Trendo over DailyMotion, so I haven’t got a ready-made viewer base.

Comments. Perhaps it is because I am new, but I haven’t had a singe comment on my videos.

Personalization. The profile page on this site is attractively streamlined, but it does not allow for uploading a background image.

Tagging. Adding tags to videos is a pain in the proverbial because of the predictive text and the ten tag limit.

The Verdict

If you like a site where you can do everything in one place and you don’t mind paying for it, you may like to give Trendo a try. However, I have found that DailyMotion suits my needs better,  so I will be sticking with them from now on.

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