Absent Again!

MMeat and Mead (my cafeland cafe) is all decked out for Xmas!

Meat and Mead (my cafeland cafe) is all decked out for Xmas!

It seems that once again I have let time get away from me and let my poor readers languish without my wisdom. So what have I been up to since last I posted?

To begin with I have become addicted to a facebook game called cafeland. Totally awesome fun! I have also been busily uploading my old videos to DailyMotion.  I won’t be doing any new vids until all the old ones are up.

I have discovered reddit, after having it recommended by my sister. I am finding it a little daunting, but I guess it will get easier as I gradually customise it to my needs.

Also, in the interim, I attended a family reunion where I saw my sister for the first time in twelve years and caught up with cousins, aunts and uncles who I hadn’t seen in even longer.

Not much else has been happening. I guess I’ll catch up with you all later.

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