Rationing References

When researching my rationing challenge, I used the following websites:

  1. New Point Ration Chart
  2. Remember When…
  3. Food Investigators Episode 5: The WWII Diet
  4. 1301.0 – Year Book, Australia, 1944 – 45, Australian Bureau of Statistics
  5. John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library – Families and Food: wartime tucker
  6. Retro Housewife
  7. On the Ration
  8. Rationing Revisited
  9. Wikipedia
  10. Community and Culture in North Ayreshire
  11. Clothes Rationing
  12. Rationing and Other Controls
  13. WW2 People’s War: Rationing and Shortages
  14. Australian War Memorial: Rationing of Food and Clothing in the Second World War
  15. Consumer Rationing
  16. Australian War Memorial: Austerity Cooking Demonstration
  17. Australian War Memorial: Make Meat Go Further (some extender recipes)
  18. Brighter Breakfasts
  19. The 1940s Experiment
  20. The Supersizers Go…Wartime

All of these sites are very good and I urge you to take the time to check them out.

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