Supersizers and World War Two

The Supersizers...

The Supersizers… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My children and I have been watching a lot of Supersizers episodes lately, and we are all absolutely fascinated by the dishes that were considered normal in times past. Many of the dishes that past generations considered to be delicacies seemed very strange to us, though I am quite sure that they would feel the same way about some of today’s favourites.

While every episode has been interesting to watch, there was one that struck a particular cord with us – the one where they lived off wartime rations. As part of an attempt on my part to live more frugally, we have been trying various Wartime recipes. While we have disliked some, most have actually been quite tasty, so I was taken aback at the strong aversion the Supersizers had to most of the food they ate.

However, I was struck by one fact mentioned in the show – that people in the war were healthier than they had ever been before or, indeed, since. It is this face that has inspired me to bring a bit of living history to my children, and give the wartime diet a go.

We will not be strictly following the British WW2 rations, though. Instead, I will be putting together a kind of mixed up jumble of rationing in Britain, America and Australia. Watch out for the next post to find out exactly what we will be doing!

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