Hail Abbott

English: Tony Abbott in 2010.

I have heard many people critisise the Abbott Government, and many more sing his praises. I have even seen him referred to as ‘Hitler’. This may seem a bit extreme, but could Abbott be a dictator in the making? You decide.

Elements of Dictatorship

  • Use of Force

¨     Maintain / transmit control

¨     Terror and violence are effective measures for subduing population

¨     Swift and arbitrary punishment to anyone suspected of disloyalty

¨     Torture, imprisonment, liquidation

¨     Systematic instruction of political ideas

¨     Takes the place of education

¨     Schools and university serve the interest of government


  • Controlled Participation

¨     No dissent, no opposition

¨     Massive censorship

¨     Allow people a sense of participating in government

¨     Direct government grievances towards a group of people

¨     Government must find someone to blame (scape-goating)

 Remember, even Hitler was elected!

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