Refugee Bigotry

I came across a post on Facebook tonight and it really pissed me off. The post itself annoyed me, but the comments (all in support, of course) really  made me cross! I was even more pissed off by the fact that I cannot comment. So I am posting it here in order to air my point of view. It will probably never be seen by the bigots who found the post funny, but at least I can get off my chest!

Screenshots of the Post

tea party muslim pic

tea party muslim letter

Screenshots of the Comments

tea party muslim comments 1

tea party muslim comments 2

My Response

Yet more of the bigotry I have come to expect from the Tea Party.

1] Not all Muslims are terrorists.

2] Despite media images, the Burkha is actually not the predominant mode of female dress in the Islamic world.

3] Placing somebody in detention does not mean they have to be mistreated while they are there. Nor should it take years to process them.

4] You do know that boat people are only a tiny minority of Australia’s immigrants, right? And that there are far more people illegally overstaying visas than there are boat people?

5] If, as stated, the person in question is a suspected terrorist (and I would hope that is based on some kind of evidence, not just their religion), that ought to be investigated further IN A TIMELY MANNER. Last time I looked, our country was still run UNDER THE RULE OF LAW.

Freedom is not freedom unless it applies to everybody – even the people we despise.

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2 replies

  1. This mob have a bent and scary view on how Governments and nations must be managed. It’s everything our nations sacrificed blood to stop from coming to our shores in the mid 1900’s.


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