Ongoing Revamp

I have had absolutely no time to write even the simplest blog entry for the longest time, so there is a large time skip between my most recent post and this one. Now that I have resumed posting, the ‘feel’ of my blog may change a little. Therefore, Rafferty’s Rules is undergoing a bit of a makeover.

To begin with, my theme has changed, as it does every year. I will also cease my monthly and yearly lists of books read. This is largely due to the fact that I simply haven’t been reading enough books to make it worth while. I have, instead, been indulging a new-found passion for fan-fiction – though many of the stories are long enough and well-written enough to be called a book in my opinion.

There will, of course, be other changes – discarded projects, perhaps some new additions but, as I have yet to fully decide, I will inform you of the changes as they happen.

Finally (and I know I have not been particularly successful with this in the past), I will make a concerted effort to add at least one post every week. With these changes, I hope to not only gain new readers, but to make visiting my blog a more enjoyable experience for my loyal readers.

It is my sincere wish that I will succeed in this goal.

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