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Well, I finally have a computer and my internet connected, both at the same time. At long last, I can continue with my blog overhaul! The first thing I have done is change my theme. While I quite liked the look of the Chalkboard theme, I had a problem with sub-menus disappearing before I could click on them. I figured that if it was annoying me, it had to be annoying at least some of my visitors.

Therefore, I have returned to a previous theme called Lovebirds. I know it was originally meant as a wedding theme, but I actually think it is pretty and works just as well for an ordinary blog.

Another change I have implemented is discarding the Sergeant Paw page. This was originally meant to be a page for stories about police, personal safety, stranger danger and so on. Unfortunately, I just could not maintain my enthusiasm for this concept, so it never really got off the ground.

I have, however, added pages for fan-fiction recommendations. I have read every story I recommend and the list is sorted according to fandom. You can find these lists in the menu above.

Thank you for patience with all these changes and with once again having a huge gap between posts.

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