I keep telling my munchkins that sharing is good but I don’t really want them sharing illness. This weekend I discovered that this lesson needs to be imparted to dear hubby as well. My symptoms began with a light cough and general malaise. Thinking it was just a cold (the weather has been a bit up and down, after all), I simply rugged up, drank lots of juice and skipped my usual milk drinks. However, over the past few days my cough has steadily worsened and the constant hacking has added a headache and sore throat to my repertoire.

Thus, today, I dragged myself out of the house dressed in my warmest clothes (which, admittedly, aren’t all that warm) and carrying my little ice-cream container (because I refuse to spit my phlegm on the path) and made my way into town to see the doctor.

After a surprisingly quick examination, I was informed that I have a lower respiratory tract infection and to take it easy for a few days. I wasn’t informed which kind of infection I have (until I came home and googled it, I was unaware there were different types) but the doctor has prescribed Augmentin Duo Forte, to be taken twice per day with food, and instructed me to return before the weekend if it gets worse, or after the weekend if it doesn’t seem to be clearing up.

I really hate being sick!

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