First 10 Search Results For Rafferty’s Rules

I am currently sitting here with a sore throat, an aching head and an apparent desire to cough up my lungs. I feeling so generally miserable that nothing is able to keep my interest, leaving me bored out of my mind. I am also unable to concentrate well enough to come up with a decent topic for today’s blog post. What do you get when you combine both those states of mind? Googling yourself, of course. However, googling your own name is so last year, so instead I decided to google the name of my blog. In a (not so) interesting twist on my usual Top Ten posts, here are the first ten results for a search on Rafferty’s Rules:

1 > Wikipedia

Not surprisingly, the top search result for Rafferty’s Rules is Wikipedia. The topic of this page is an Australian television series starring John Wood. I actually remember watching this with my parents on occasion and I rather enjoyed it, actually. If you can find this series on DVD or elsewhere, I definitely recommend it.

2 > Macmillan

The second result our search returns is a simple dictionary definition. According to Macmillan Dictionary, Rafferty’s Rules is defined as ‘a complete lack of rules.

3 > Oxford

Oxford Dictionary agrees that Rafferty’s Rules means ‘no rules at all’ but adds a pronunciation guide and the fact that this is an informal Australian/NZ phrase.

4 > IMDb

Our next search result takes us to the IMDb page for the aforementioned TV show. In addition to providing a bunch of information about the show, this page tells us that (at the time of printing) Rafferty’s Rules has an overall rating of 7.3/10.

5 > YouTube

Mid-way through our search results, we come across a video that seems to consist of the opening and closing credits of the television show. I did not watch the entire video, though, because , let’s face it. as good as the show was, it doesn’t have the most thrilling opening or closing, and watching 4.27 minutes of credits just isn’t my thing.

6 > Cambridge

We’re over the hump now, with another dictionary definition. Cambridge Dictionary is a little more thorough than those higher up on the list, telling us that Rafferty’s Rules refers to a situation in which there are no rules; used especially when referring to a competition, system etc. that is not well organised.

7 > Collins

Next we have yet another definition, with Collins English Dictionary agreeing with Oxford dictionary that Rafferty’s Rules means ‘no rules at all’.

8 >

The name for this entry is actually pretty misleading, since we are simply provided with another definition of our search term. I would expect a lot more from an encyclopaedia.

9 >

Just in case you still haven’t figured out what Rafferty’s Rules means, agrees with Collins and Oxford that the best definition is ‘ no rules at all’.

10 > Slang Dictionary

Just what you needed, right? Another definition! Unlike all the previous dictionaries, this one is fun to just browse around, checking out all the interesting, unusual and just plain wacky slang terms that are out there.

So there you have it. Probably the most boring list I have ever posted. If there is one thing that I have learned, though, it is that I have chosen the perfect name for the mish mash of different topics that is my blog.

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