Breakfast With the Premier Part 2 – Yasmine

Last Friday, a small group of about thirty children from my kids’ school were invited to breakfast with the Premier of NSW followed by an excursion to the Sydney Aquarium. This was completely free for the children, with the costs being covered by Foodbank Australia. Foodbank provides food for distribution by charitable organisations as well as running various other programs throughout Australia.

This year, Foodbank has been running a Breakfast Club at my childrens’ school. It was the kids who show up to the Breakfast Club that were invited along to Friday’s excursion. As frequent visitors to Breakfast Club, both of my children also attended Friday’s excursion. The children had to be at school by 5am, so it was a very early morning for them, but they seemed to have a good day and they came home tired, but happy.

Rather than just narrate their experiences, I decided to format this blog post a little differently. I presented their day as a couple of short interviews. The first, Storm’s was posted on Friday, with Yasmine’s being posted today. I was actually quite fascinated by how very different their answers were, with Storm being far more verbose, allowing me to ask a few extra questions based on his answers.

So here is Yasmine’s (age 12) interview:

Me: So, tell me about your breakfast with the Premier. What did it involve?

Yasmine: Apples, mandarins, Kelloggs cereal, yoghurt, Nutri-Grain, yoghurt toppings and that’s all I know of.

Me: What did you do besides eat?

Yasmine: Sit there and play Simon Says, listening to speeches…

Me: Did you get to ask any questions?

Yasmine: Nope.

Me: What did you have to eat?

Yasmine: I had Kelloggs cereal and an apple.

Me: Did you like it?

Yasmine: Yes

Me: What did you do after breakfast?

Yasmine: We went to the Aquarium. We were going to the toilets and this whole group of guys kept on laughing at us.

Me: What was your favourite part of the Aquarium?

Yasmine: Looking at the sharks. They were really nice. One of them — it went over and it looked like you were looking up its nostrils but sharks don’t have nostrils, though, and it looked like it had a sad face and one of the sharks looked like it had human lips.

Me: What was the best part of the day?

Yasmine: Going to the Aquarium. Oh — also, we saw a dugong and one of the workers gave it some lettuce and the dugong came out, and they’re so big!

Me: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Yasmine: I fell asleep on the bus. One of the guys, he was sleeping on the handle. He looked very uncomfortable.

Me: Thanks very much for that, Yasmine. I’m glad you had fun.

Well, that is it. Don’t forget to come back on Monday to read Yasmine’s, somewhat shorter, interview.

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