Diggers of Two Wars

On a footpath in Tel Aviv one day in October, 1942, an old English colonel and a young American major were discussing the war situation in general when they were approached by four youthful Aussie soldiers who had been imbibing rather too freely.

When they came up to the officers the Aussies divided into pairs, passed them, and went merrily on their way.

The following dialogue then took place between the two officers:

American Major: Who in blazes is that Gard-darn rabble?
English Colonel: They’re Orstralians, Major, Orstralians.
A.M.: And whose side are they on?
E.C.: Ours, Major. They’re our Allies.
A.M.: But, dammit, sir, they didn’t salute us!
E.C.: Admittedly, Major, but after all you must agree, they did have the decency to walk around us. Had they been their fathers of the ‘14-’18 war, the blighters would have walked right over us.

— Mr. Jack Holmes of Firle (SA) in Bill Wannan’s Come in Spinner: A Treasury of Popular Australian Humour

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