R.I.P. Mokona

I apologise for not posting yesterday. I will backdate this post so there are no gaps in my posting calendar. I just did not feel up to blogging, or doing anything online really. You see, our cat Mokona died yesterday. She was only five years old and the sweetest cat in existence. The video above (posted on my old YouTube Channel) was recorded when she was kitten.

Once she grew, she was so tiny and petite she looked like a much younger cat. Even her meow was soft and feminine. I remember the first time she meowed, we were all so excited. We were running about the house calling  “Mokona Meowed’, over and over in astonishment. You see, she was two or three years old at the time. That isn’t to say she hadn’t vocalised before then but, instead of meowing, she would make the cutest little trilling noise.

I remember one time, when she was a kitten, she had a favourite toy. It was a stuffed fish on a string and she would carry it with her everywhere. If she needed to be away from it, she would leave it with one of us (usually Annie) for safe-keeping. Once, she was carrying the fish around the house and her brother was trying to play with the string. Thinking he was after the fish, she was running all over the house, trying to keep it away from him. He, of course, thought she was trying to play and chased that string (which was dragging behind her) everywhere she went. It was hilarious!

Mokona seems to have been hit by a car early yesterday morning. Earth assures me that it looks as though it was a quick death. She will be sorely missed.

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