Top Ten Unusual Xmas Trees

xmas trees

Christmas trees are a fairly standard decoration in the home of anybody who celebrates that particular holiday, and how a tree is decorated says a lot about the interests of that particular household.

Some homes and businesses, however, take their unique sense of style a little further. Instead of worrying over little things like decorations, they prefer to allow the tree itself to speak for them.

So, without further ado, here is my top ten list of unusual Christmas trees, from ten to one:

Number 10

A Cyclist’s Dream

This lovely Christmas tree was created using the up-cycled parts from used bicycles.

Bike Parts Xmas Tree

Number 9

Crazy Cat Lady

No cats were harmed in the making of this tree.

Cat Xmas Tree

Number 8

Mount TBR

Why leave all those books gathering dust on the shelf, when they could very prettily gather dust on the floor?

Book Xmas Tree

Number 7

Grandma’s House

This is the perfect way to utilise all those useless little knickknacks that build up over the years.

Knick Knack Xmas Tree

Number 6

Babies First Christmas

You just know that little Johnny is going to pull out Pooh-Bear and wind up buried under a toy-valanche.

Toy Xmas Tree

Number 5

Otaku Christmas Dinner

Invite all your anime friends, grab a plate of sushi and plonk down in front of the tele for a Lucky Star, Ouran High and Haruhi Suzimiya marathon.

Sushi Xmas Tree

Number 4


Why settle for a Christmas tree when you can decorate the nearest Dalek?

Dalek Xmas Tree

Number 3

Ghost Hunter

What better way to celebrate Christmas than swallowing a happy pill and setting out ghost hunting?

Pac-Man Xmas Tree

Number 2

Recycling Day

You know how, at Christmas, your recycling bin just cannot be emptied fast enough? Here’s the perfect way to use all those empties while waiting until collection day. And if you don’t have enough? Well, you now have the perfect excuse to celebrate!

Bottle Xmas Tree

Number 1

A Hilarious YouTube Video Waiting To Happen

All those traffic lights that get knocked over by drunk morons (sorry, I mean happy drivers) over Christmas still have life in them yet. Lets see how many drunk walkers stand around waiting to cross.

Traffic light Xmas Tree

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