Top Ten Unusual Gifts

It can be quite difficult to get the perfect gift for that special someone. After all, everybody is into different things and, what one recipient might hate, another will think is the best gift they received this year.

While some people prefer traditional gifts like jewellery or books, others prefer their gifts to be a little more unique and that is what this list is all about.

Just so you know, I have tried to keep all the gifts listed here within a reasonable price range. After all, while it would be awesome to have a Water Jet Pack or an Underground Parking Dock, most of us cannot afford to give such things as a gift.

So, in the interest of those poor sods stuck searching out gifts for the more eccentric among us, here is my top ten list of unusual Christmas presents, from ten to one:

Number 10

Gold Plated Playing Cards

These playing cards, coated in real 24 carat gold, are the perfect gift for those friends who just have to impress the neighbours.

$29.99 at Yellow Octopus

Number 9

Racing Grannie and Grandpa

Wind up Grannie and Gramps and see which wins the race. Perfect for kids and drunk adults.

Racing Grannies

$18.99 at Yellow Octopus

Number 8

Legless Corkscrew

Why use a boring normal corkscrew when you can use a legless one? Perfect for the pirate in your life.

legless corkscrew

$34.95 at Hard To Find

Number 7

The Useless Box

This box has no use except as a novelty gag gift. When you switch it on, a finger pops out and switches it off again. This is a great gift for people who like things for their own sake rather than what they can do for people.


$39.99 at ThinkGeek

Number 6

Follow Me, Bring Beer Sand Imprint Thongs

These thongs are a great gift for the laid-back Aussie in your life.

Follow Me Bring Beer

$37.95 at Down That Little Lane

Number 5

Tiki Tissue Box Holder

Who wants ordinary tissue boxes sitting around looking messy, when you can have something more unique? This tissue box holder makes a great gift for new home owners.

tiki box

$16.69 at Amazon

Number 4

Grow Your Own Boyfriend

Give your best friend the gift of the perfect boyfriend.

Grow Your Own Boyfriend

$6.99 at Yellow Octopus

Number 3

Bearded Ski Mask

The Beardski Prospector Ski Mask is the perfect gift for your prison escapee Uncle.

Beard Ski Mask

$34.95 at Amazon

Number 2

Zombie Lawn Gnomes

Is your significant other heavily into The Walking Dead? Then, perhaps this macabre lawn ornament will make their Christmas day.

$52.71 at Etsy

Number 1

Poop Hand Soap

Pre-teen boys think fart jokes and poop are the height of hilarity, so this poop shaped hand soap will be a much-loved stocking filler.

poop soap

$13.59 at Amazon

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