River Canyon Restaurant

Last year we had a bit of cash saved up and decided to go out for Christmas dinner instead of cooking at home. After looking around to see who was open, we ended up deciding on the River Canyon Restaurant in Parramatta. River Canyon is located at 96 Phillip Street in Parramatta, NSW and is best known for its buffet meals and live shows.

As with most restaurants, Christmas dinner is a bit pricier than the normal fare, but the cost is well worth it. The Xmas prices are tiered according to age as follows:

$110 Adults (includes 4 hours of soft drinks & juice; Plus one glass of wine or beer on Arrival)
Price per seat: Children under 3yrs – $40; 4 to 7yrs – $45; 8 to 11yrs – $55; 12 to 16yrs – $65; Full price from 17yrs

$85 Adults (includes 4 hours of soft drinks & juice; Plus One glass of wine or beer on Arrival)
Children under 3yrs – Free; 4 to 7yrs – $25; 8 to 11yrs – $35; 12 to 16yrs – $45; Full price from 17yrs

Adults can also order a drinks package that includes four hours of all you can drink beer, wine, juice and soft drink for just $56 per person, which we did.

As I stated, that price was well worth it as the restaurant put on a spread like I had never seen. I won’t post the full menu, but we gorged ourselves on various seafoods (both hot & cold), salads, soups, red meats, white meats, a large variety of veges, rice, curries, desserts — it was a veritable feast!

The year we went (2014), the show consisted of Pacific Island dancers and it was highly entertaining. The audience was in stitches the entire time. I’m actually disappointed that we don’t have the money to go again this year because I would love to see the world show they have going on! After the live show finished, everybody got up to dance to the music played by a live DJ.

Overall, the food was absolutely delectable, the entertainment was funny and interesting and the service was prompt, friendly and courteous. The best part of the night, though, was watching my kids let their hair down and really enjoy themselves fully for the first time in a long time.

River Canyon provided us with the best Christmas we’ve had since the kids were little and we will definitely be returning the next time we have the money.

Here are a few photos for your perusal:

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