How to Wrap a Christmas Present

I absolutely adore giving gifts. It is one of my favourite things about Christmas. However, if you are anything like me, gift-wrapping can be fairly frustrating. I look at all those beautifully wrapped presents on TV or in the magazines, then I look at my own wrapped presents, then I shake my head and wonder where the hell I went wrong?

After wrapping one too many frustratingly disastrous gifts, I turned to the internet for some tips on how to do things a little better. It was while doing this research that it dawned on me that if I am having this problem, surely there are others out there experiencing the same frustration?

Therefore, I decided to put together this blog in order to share the videos that I found to be the most helpful on the subject of achieving gift-wrapping perfection. So, here they are, six awesome videos showcasing how to wrap a gift so well, your friends will think you paid to have it done.

Basic Gift Wrapping

This video shares some interesting tips on how to wrap a basic box shaped gift. It also works great with books, which comprise a large part of my gift-giving experience.

Wrapping Large Gifts

Sometimes our gifts a little too large to comfortably wrap them using the basic gift-wrapping method. This video shows us how large gifts can look just as professional as their smaller counterparts.

Wrapping Challenging Shapes

While the previous videos are all well and good, not all gifts come in a perfectly rectangular box. There’s no need to give in and buy an extra gift box, though. This video will show you how to wrap that awkwardly shaped gift while retaining the intriguing shape.

Wrapping Plush Toys

Personally, if I’m giving a stuffed toy as a present, I just hand it over as is. At the very most, I simply slip it into a pretty gift bag. However, if you prefer to preserve the mystery, then this next video will show you an interesting way to wrap that cute little plushie.

Wrapping a Champagne Bottle

This is something else I wouldn’t normally wrap but, after watching this video, I feel like I might give it a try because it actually looks quite good. I imagine this would probably work just as well on other bottle shaped gifts like wine, bath salts and gourmet sauces.

Ribbons and Bows

You’ve bought your gifts. With the help of the videos above, you have them all beautifully wrapped. But there seems to be something missing. The video below shows several ways you can tie pretty ribbons on your gifts and how to tie a lovely bow to add that last decorative touch.

Now you have the perfect gift with the perfect wrapping, so stand back and listen as your friends and family admire their presents and beg for the secret to your brand new professional gift-wrapping skills.

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