Top Ten Beautiful Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are a fairly standard sight in the home of anybody who celebrates that particular holiday, and many stores and public areas around the world also wow the public with these beautiful decorations.

Every once in a while, however, we come across a tree that is decorated so beautifully that we just want to oooh and aaah in awe.

This is my top ten list of some of the most beautiful Christmas trees from around the world, in order from ten to one:

Number 10

Blue Delight

These beautifully decorated trees and reindeer would make any lovers stroll a magical experience.

Number 9

Red Flowers

This beautiful red tree delighted visitors to the The Strand Arcade.

Number 8

Modern Wonder

This beautifully artistic Christmas tree graced the streets of Brazil.

Number 7

Light Fountain

This Christmas tree made from lights resembling a beautiful fountain greeted visitors to Freedom Square in Georgia in 2010.

Number 6

Winter Wonderland

This gorgeous tree seems to made entirely of spheres and resembles a lovely pile of snowballs.

Number 5

Athletic Beauty

This gorgeous tree in Madrid brings to mind the beautiful patterns made by ribbon dancers in rhythmic gymnastics.

Number 4

Wrapping the Season

This unusual but beautiful Christmas tree is reminiscent of the ribbons used to add a touch of class to the gifts that are placed underneath it.

Number 3


This absolutely gorgeous tree, decorated with beautiful colours and patterns looks like it was transported right out of the seventies.

Number 2

Peacock Pride

This delicate tree in France is modeled after the much prized tail feathers of a peacock.

Number 1

Lovely Layers

This unusual, but simply stunning, Christmas tree amazed visitors to the lovely city-state of Singapore.

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