Top Ten Big Things in Australia

All around the world artists, businesses and governments erect giant versions of animals or items that are relevant to them, and Australia is no exception. Inevitably, these giant sculptures attract tourists and, indeed, there are many people who make a hobby of travelling to various ‘big things’ around the world.

Australia certainly hosts her fair share of ‘big things’. In fact, I was quite surprised at the sheer number and variety of these sculptures scattered throughout the country. Before doing my research for this blog post, I could have counted on one hand the number of Australian ‘big things’ that I knew about.

Still, this list is limited to just ten items, so, without further ado, here is my top ten list of ‘big things’ in Australia, from ten to one:

Number 10

Big Banana

The Big Banana is located in Coffs Harbour, NSW. Originally built to encourage drivers to stop at a roadside Banana stall, the location now hosts a fun park, ice-skating rink, plantation and souvenir shop.

Number 9

Big Prawn

Situated adjacent to Bunnings Warehouse on River Street in Ballina, NSW, the Big Prawn stands 9 metres high and weighs 35 tonnes.

Number 8

Big Beer Can


The Big Beer Can is located on the roof of the Grand Hotel in Cobar, NSW. It stands 5m high and 2.5m wide and it’s so large that if it was filled with actual beer it could hold up to 24,000 liters. If that’s not perfect for Australia, I don’t know what is.

Number 7

Big Avocado


Located in Duranbah in New South Wales, the Big Avocado is a landmark of Tropical Fruit World. Duranbah’s is popular because of its avocado orchards, which can be toured by visitors, and its avocado ice cream and milkshakes.

Number 6

Big Axe


The Big Axe sits outside the Kew visitors information centre on the main street of Kew, NSW. In addition to the information centre, there is a public loo and a small picnic area.

Number 5

Big Scotsman


The Big Scotsman stands 5 metres tall and is situated at the Scotty’s Motel on the corner of Nottage Terrace and Main North Road in Medindie in Adelaide, SA.

Number 4

Big Pineapple


Standing at 16 metres high, the Big Pineapple is located on the Sunshine Coast in Qld. There is a tour train, a wildlife park, a souvenir store and a cafe. I recommend skipping lunch and just ordering a dessert from the cafe because they are huge!

Number 3

Big Golden Gumboot


The Golden Gumboot monument was erected in Tully by the Tully Lions and Rotary Clubs on 10 May 2003. It stands at 7.9 metres and represents the record rainfall for Tully in 1950. The Golden Gumboot is located on the Cnr Hort and Butler Streets in Tully, Qld.

Number 2

Big Funnel Web Spider


The Big Funnel Web Spider is part of a waterslide at Jamberoo Action and Water Park in Jamberoo, NSW.

Number 1

Big Mosquito


Anybody who has ever been to Australia will tell you that mosquitoes are the bane of our summer existence. So what better way to celebrate than by erecting a giant monument to this pesky little pest? Nicknamed ‘Ozzie the Mozzie’, the Big Mosquito was built in 1993, stolen in 2010 and replaced two months later. The new, improved Ozzie (complete with light-up eyes) is located outside the Hexham Bowls club in Hexham, NSW.


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