I’m Back

Yes, you read the title correctly. I am back. Butterfly and I arrived back yesterday. And let me just say I am never doing that again!

I had a great time for the three days we were in port. Noumea was lovely. I took the ‘Explore Noumea on Foot’ tour. Our guide was very nice, and I enjoyed walking about Noumea. There are some lovely churches and parks and memorials there, and everybody was quite friendly.

I did not disembark at Mare, but thoroughly enjoyed the placid water and cool breeze and the ability to partake of a delicious lunch on board.

The Isle of Pines was absolutely gorgeous. The sand was so white and the water such a beautiful clear blue; it was incredibly peaceful.

When we weren’t in port, however, I was completely miserable. Despite trying two different tablets, I was really quite seasick, so I spent most of my time either laying in bed or sitting on the open deck. I was, unfortunately, unable to enjoy any of the wonderful entertainment on board with the exception of two after dinner shows, a movie and whatever music they had playing on deck.

Cruising is a great value holiday and many people would probably enjoy it but, unfortunately, it is just not for me. I am glad to be home, and you will be pleased to know that normal blogging will resume tomorrow.

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