You close your eyes and take a deep, shuddering breath. Your ears strain as you try to convince yourself that the house is empty. A low moan sounds from beneath the tree, causing your breath to hitch. Slowly, softly, you caress the brightly wrapped gift as you gently remove the paper an inch at a time. Your hands shake as another low moan threatens to overwhelm your fragile control. Your eyes widen as your gift is revealed one exquisite inch at a time. You toss the carefully preserved wrapping aside, your entire being burning with desire. You have wanted this for many years and you are tempted, so very tempted. Tentatively, you reach for your gift, fearful that it might be snatched away at any moment. A questioning voice snaps you from your daze and you stare in wonder at the vision before you. Tears of joy spill down your cheeks as you finally claim your prize.


This week’s writing prompt is : “The only thing you need to worry about is what’s under that wrapping paper.” It was taken from ’25 Scifi and Fantasy Holiday Writing Prompts’.

Categories: Fiction Friday

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