News Break

Well, I’m back to my usual blogging schedule. As many of you will know, I took a break over the holidays. I decided that this year, I would have a stress-free holiday. So I did all my shopping early, I did very little cooking, and I took a break from everything, including my writing and blogging.

Xmas this year was fun. I didn’t have to cook anything for lunch, except the trifle. And, let’s face it, trifle is more prep than actual cooking. Instead, I ordered a couple of platters from Subway (one subs, and one wraps). It’s the first time I’ve had their wraps. They’re quite nice, aren’t they?

I also ordered Greek salad, autumn veg salad, fruit salad, egg salad, pasta salad and a deli platter from Deli Delights (I think that’s what they’re called) in the Plaza. We also had chocolate chip biscuits, chips and crackers & dip to nibble on throughout the afternoon. And, of course, you can’t have Xmas without a trifle.

As usual, we did the whole Not-so-secret Santa thing for pressies and I received a beautiful crystal bowl from Temple & Webster, which I had on my wish list. I was ever so pleased when I opened it up.

I’ve been saving for a while, so this year I was able to see in the New Year with a goodly amount of alcohol. I’m not used to drinking more than a glass of wine or a couple of shots of Bailey’s every four to six weeks, so I was definitely feeling it on New Years.

The past few weeks have been fairly quiet. I’ve mostly just been re-reading some of my favourite fanfics and reacquainting myself with Cafeland.

Meanwhile, Annie actually got herself a part-time job (I won’t say where — security and all that), while both Yasmine & Butterfly are looking for work. Wish them luck.

I am thinking of trying out bullet journalling. Have you done this? Did you find it helpful?

I am currently in the process of putting together a bucket list. Do you have one? I reckon it’s an interesting concept; a good idea, actually. When I have my list put together, I’ll post it here. Who knows, you might get a few ideas for your own.

I’m also putting together a reverse bucket list. I saw it on some website or other when I was researching bucket lists. I didn’t save the link, but you might be able to find it with the help of Professor Google. Anyway, the idea of it is that we get so caught up in the things we want to do, we forget about the things we have already done. When you have it all laid out in front of you, you’ll see that you’ve led a richer life than you realise.

Yesterday, we had the second hottest day on record for our area. It reached 47°C mid-afternoon. That’s 116.6°F for those in the US of A. Whoever invented air-conditioning should be knighted, in my opinion. Still, at least I got caught up on my washing and, by some miracle, we didn’t have a bush fire or anything.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say on this fine day. I hope everyone had a safe and happy Holiday period and I wish you all well for the coming year.

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