Top Ten Songs That Make Me Cry

Music is a brilliant way to enhance or express our emotions. It can liven up an otherwise dead party, cheer us up when we are down or sink us into the depths of despair. Playing music that resonates with our soul can help us to cope with the ups and downs of life.

On occasion, we connect with a song so deeply that we find ourselves in tears. This can happen for many reasons. Sometimes the lyrics themselves, or the story behind them, are depressing, sometimes the song reminds us of a sad story or a difficult time in our lives. Longreach is Praying is one such song for me.

The song itself is about the relief that comes when it rains after a drought. However, whenever I hear the song, I am reminded of a news story about a small child, around five years old. Being born during a long drought, this child had never seen rain. When the drought broke, he saw rain for the first time in his life, and promptly drowned in a puddle.

Other times, the tears that fall are not due to sadness, but an outlet when we feel overwhelming emotion. Yet other times, we may not even know why we are crying, only that we are. Whatever the reason for our tears, I suspect we have all heard at least one song that has moved us to the point of tears.

I am certainly no exception to this rule, so here is my top ten list of songs that never fail to make me cry, ordered from ten to one:

Number 10

Longreach is Praying — John Williamson

Number 9

Almost Human — Aurelio Voltaire

Number 8

Feathery Wings — Aurelio Voltaire

Number 7

Billy Don’t Be A Hero — Paper Lace

Number 6

Little Boy Lost — Johnny Ashcroft

Number 5

The Streets of New York — Celtic Thunder

Number 4

God’s Will — Martina McBride

Number 3

A Hero of War — Rise Against

Number 2

Christmas 1915 — Celtic Thunder

Number 1

War Between Brothers — Heather Dale


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