Top Ten Fan Songs

Anybody who regularly reads my blog will tell you that I am heavily into fan fiction. However, fan fiction is not the only form of fan labour out there. Fans of almost any show, book, movie, game, or even band or actor, can continue to get their fix in almost any medium.

Fan fiction consists, of course, of written stories. However, fans may also avail themselves of fan art, fan films. fan songs and even fan games. While my personal preference is for fan fiction, I certainly do not shun fan labour that utilises other mediums.

Therefore, for a change of pace, I have decided to present to you my personal top ten list of fan songs, ordered from ten to one:

Number 10

Dragon Queen by Karliene — Game of Thrones

Number 9

The Sorting Hat by RiddleTM — Harry Potter

Number 8

The U.S.S. Make Sh*t Up by Aurelio Voltaire — Star Trek

Number 7

Shadow of the Ash by Miracle of Sound — Shadow of Mordor

Number 6

Halfman’s Song by Miracle of Sound — Game of Thrones

Number 5

Joker’s Song by Miracle of Sound — Batman: Arkham City

Number 4

Little Wolf by Karliene — Game of Thrones

Number 3

It’s Bigger on the Inside by Voltaire — Doctor Who

Number 2

You Win or You Die by Karliene — Game of Thrones

Number 1

Star Trekkin’ by The Firm — Star Trek


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