Top Ten MAFMAD Winners

MAFMAD, short for Make A Film, Make A Difference, was a campaign run by the Transport Accident Commission in Victoria, Australia from 2003 to 2013. It called on young people under the age of twenty-five to make a short film with the theme ‘Your Mates Life is in Your Hands’.

Each year two filmmakers were selected from the hundreds submitted and given the opportunity to bring their short film to life with a budget of $25,000 and help from industry professionals and the TAC. As can be expected, the vast majority of the winning films dealt with the issue of road safety.

Many of these winning films were very well-made and could easily serve as public service announcements. Here are my favourite ten from the winners, ordered from ten to one. Please be aware that some of these videos will be distressing to some viewers:

Number 10

Price of Friendship (2007)

Number 9

Only A Mate (2004)

Number 8

Swing (2005)

Number 7

Insignia (2009)

Number 6

Denial (2005)

Number 5

Death Blooms (2008)

Number 4

Social Death (2007)

Number 3

Anything (2003)

Number 2

The Party Planner (2010)

Number 1

Yes Mum (2012)


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