30 Day Fanfic Challenge – Day 4

Favourite Crossover Fandom

Hmmm… I don’t think I can actually choose just one fandom for this question. My favourite three, and certainly the three I most often seek out, would have to be (in no particular order) The Walking Dead, SVU and Supernatural, with NCIS following closely behind.

I really love Harry Potter crossed with The Walking Dead, particularly when he is paired with Daryl. The problem with this crossover, though, is that there aren’t a lot of good quality finished fanfics available. My two favourite stories in this category  would have to be Survival by misteeirene, which is unfinished, and the one-shot The Man at the Gate by kingsholto.

Harry Potter/SVU crossovers are quite hard to find. There really aren’t enough of them out there, and even fewer that are complete or good quality. My favourite story in this category is probably Wizard’s Law by sakurademonalchemist, and it is incomplete. There is another one I read some time ago that I really liked, where Vernon took Harry to America, raped him and attempted to murder him in his hotel room, but I can’t recall what it was called. It was abandoned after a few chapters, anyway.

Harry Potter crossed with NCIS is easier to find than SVU, but quality finished fics are still hard to find. I reckon my favourite here would be a one-shot called Paying the Price of Justice by Poet Wroet.

Stories which cross Harry Potter with Supernatural can be a little cliché, but they are fairly prolific, so it’s generally pretty easy to find one to read. My current favourite in this crossover is Meet Uncle John by kirallie. I also read a couple of stories that I really enjoyed a few years ago, but that was before my hard-drive died and I can’t remember what they were. One had Harry being raised by Dean. I can’t remember if he was adopted or his biological child. In the other, Harry was a high-class call-guy. They were both very good, if you can find them.

Those are my favourite crossover fandoms, but they certainly aren’t the only ones I read. I will try out almost any fandom if it’s crossed with Harry Potter.

If you want to participate in the 30 Day Fanfic Challenge, you can find the daily themes here.

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