30 Day Fanfic Challenge – Day 6

Story you’ve read the most number of times

I actually have quite a long list of stories I have read several times over. Pretty much every story on my favourites list has been read at least twice. However, some have been read more than others and there are a few that I’ve read so often, I’ve lost count.

The first of those would be Descent Into Darkness by Athey and the sequel, Harry Potter and the Breeding Darkness, begun by Athey before being adopted by Danyealle-sama. In this story, Harry begins communicating with the horcrux in his head, then decides he may be on the wrong side of the war.

The next story on this list is probably Cauterize by Lady Altair. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read this story and I still cry every time. In this one-shot, Denis takes up Colin’s camera after the war and documents the scars left behind. The descriptions of each picture are beautifully written, truly bringing them to life in our mind’s eye. Even just writing about this story makes me tear up. If you only read one story from today’s post, this is the one I would recommend.

Another story I’ve read many times is Xerosis by Batsutousai. This is a time-travel fic in which a war with the Muggles, or mundanes as he calls them, destroys everything and everyone Harry loves, including the very planet on which we live. At the time of his death, Harry was the last wizard alive. Given the option to start over, Harry takes the opportunity for revenge while coming up with a rather unique solution to save Magicals from extinction. I know it sounds cliché, but this a rather different take on the whole time-travel trope, and well worth reading.

Finally, a story I have read again and again, and still enjoy, is Secrets by Vorabiza. This is one of my favourite Drarry fics, One of the things I love about this story is that both Harry and Draco remain fairly true to character. Harry is still a hot-headed Gryffindor with far too much curiosity who allows his temper to get away from him. Draco is still a vain, pompous git who constantly puts his foot in his mouth. They still fight like cats and dogs, yet it somehow works, you know? Set after Dumbledore’s death, Draco shows up at Privet Drive with a baby in tow, while Harry finds himself thrust into the position of Leader of the Light. This is one of those stories you just can’t put down. I would be more than willing to pay for it if it were available for purchase.

If you want to participate in the 30 Day Fanfic Challenge, you can find the daily themes here.

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