30 Day Fanfic Challenge – Day 20

Favourite long story (5,001 words or more)

Once again, I find myself completely unable to choose just one story in answer to this question. Hell, I can’t even choose just one fandom. Considering I have hundreds of favourites saved on my kindle, most of which would fit today’s topic, I feel quite accomplished for keeping my list as short as I have.

For the purposes of this list I have stuck with single stories of over 5,000 words, excluding stories which are part of a series. They are not listed in any kind of priority order, just in the order they came to mind.

  • Angry Harry and the Seven by sinyk: Harry Potter, 490,097 words, 87 Chapters, Complete
    This is a Golden Ice marriage contract story. It isn’t overly exciting, but it is entertaining. It also contains one of my all-time favourite fan-fiction pranks.
  • Secrets by Vorabiza: Harry Potter, 395,365 words, 62 Chapters, Complete
    This is one of my favourite Drarry stories. I especially love how both Harry and Draco remain in-character yet, somehow, the relationship still works. Funnily enough, one of my other faves, Malfoy Flavor, was written by the same author.
  • Liar’s Mask by Lomonaaeren: Harry Potter, 19,731 words, One-shot, Complete
    How well do you really know your best friend? This is a question that Ron is forced to ponder as he sorts through Harry’s effects after his death, only to discover that his friend kept secrets, secrets that will change his views of Harry forever. Trigger warning: Infidelity
  • Malfoy Flavor by Vorabiza: Harry Potter, 199,299 words, 48 Chapters, Complete
    This is written by the author of one of my other faves, Secrets. This is a ‘Severus is Harry’s father’, ‘disguising his identity to hide in plain sight’ type stories, but it really doesn’t feel cliché when you’re reading it. Warning: lots of NSFW scenes
  • Had I Known by kayly silverstorm: Harry Potter, 167,745 words, 50 Chapters, Complete
    This is an incredibly sad story which illustrates that people and events aren’t always what they seem and sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease. This story never fails to make me cry several times throughout and, fair warning, the final memories will have you alternating between despair and a desire to commit murder. Trigger warning: Torture, Terminal Illness
  • Harry Crow by robst: Harry Potter, 737,006 words, 106 Chapters, Complete
    What would happen if, instead of a meek and pliable child raised in ignorance by the Dursleys, the Harry Potter who showed up at the sorting was a confident warrior raised by the Goblin Nation, in full awareness of the prophecy? This is one of my favourite Harmony stories and I have read it over and over. For those who like to know these things, this story contains Dumbledore and Ron bashing.
  • A Black Comedy by nonjon: Harry Potter, 14,042 words, 31 Chapters, Complete
    Years after the war, Harry is studying the Veil when he is sucked into another dimension. The same dimension, it turns out, that Sirius ended up in when he fell through the Veil. This is absolutely not a serious fic. It is, however, bloody hilarious.
  • Giving Notice by dontgiveahoot: Harry Potter, 33,021 words, 13 Chapters, WIP
    While this is technically a WIP (and looks to be abandoned), don’t let this put you off reading it. This is basically a look at how the actions of one main character affect everyone else around him. Because each chapter is a view of events from the perspective of different characters, this story can easily be read as complete. I love that so many of these chapters deal with the impact of events on relatively minor characters, some of which (Peeves, for example) are particularly devastating. I highly recommend this story, but keep your tissues handy. Trigger warning: Suicide
  • Within this Box of Letters by Stardust of Orion: Harry Potter, 7,630 words, One-shot, Complete
    Several years after the war, Ron and Hermione find out just why Harry was so devastated that long ago day after the third task. Told through a series of letters from Cedric to Harry, this bittersweet love story will have you in tears.
  • Lord of Caer Azkaban by Rorschach’s Blot: Harry Potter, 119,393 words, 34 Chapters, Complete
    This is one of the first, and one of the best, Lord Azkaban stories. It often provides me with a bit of light reading when I don’t feel like thinking too hard.
  • What is Slash? by clarex-ama: Harry Potter, 6,061 words, One-shot, Complete
    While the writing is average, this story is a humorous little Drarry fic. Warning: NSFW
  • Strange Visitors From Another Century by Izzyaro: Harry Potter, 228,966 words, 24 Chapters, WIP
    This is, by far, the best Harry travels back to founders’ era stories I have ever read. I am completely hooked.
  • The Unforgiving Minute by Voice of the Nephilim: Harry Potter, 84,617 words, 10 Chapters, Complete
    A time-travel fic, but a time-travel fic with a difference. Harry has travelled back to the day of the third task. He can spend only twelve hours in the past. Can he destroy all of Tom’s Horcruxes and prevent his return? This is one of the best time-travel fics I have read. I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Think 24, only Harry Potter, and with half the time.
  • Time to Spare by EmySabath: Harry Potter, 171,869 words, 41 Chapters, Complete
    Another time-travel fic that’s worth reading only, in this one, Harry is the cause of his own return. It’s kind of a time-loop thing. Harry is sent back in time, becomes a death eater, worms his way into Voldie’s good books and creates the spell that sends his younger self back in time. In any case, it’s a great story and well worth reading.
  • Evil Be Thou My Good by Ruskbyte: Harry Potter/Hellraiser Crossover, 40,554 words, One-shot, Complete
    I’ve never seen Hellraiser, but I bloody-well want to now. Fortunately, you don’t need to have done so in order to follow this story. With an ominous feeling throughout and the obligatory bloody climax, this is a must-read for fans of the horror genre.
  • At a Ramen Stand by Somnium Lacertae: Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, 7,464 words, One-shot, Complete
    One of the best features of this already well-written story is the way the author chooses to leave the climax ambiguous. Is it a happy or tragic ending? You, as the reader, decide. For me, it varies, depending on my mood. Itachi/Naruto.
  • Can You See It? by xx QuietContemplation xx: Naruto Shippuden, 5,444 words, One-Shot, Complete
    Fans of SasuNaru will love this devastatingly heart-wrenching story. I ball my eyes out every time I read it.
  • Daddy Rooster Head by dragon dreams: Naruto, 60,949 words, 18 Chapters, Complete
    Sometimes hilarious, sometimes sweet, always entertaining. This is a modern SasuNaru story that Naruto fans will love.
  • Narcotic by xErised: Harry Potter, 22,907 words, 2 Chapters, Complete
    A sweet and addictive Drarry story showing that love will not be denied. Warning: NSFW. Trigger warning: Infidelity.

I really hope you take the time to read some of these stories. I can tell you that they are all worth it.

If you want to participate in the 30 Day Fanfic Challenge, you can find the daily themes here.

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