Top Ten Animated Shorts

Anyone who has spent any time at all on my blog or social media accounts will know by now that I enjoy reading short stories. What you may not know is that I also enjoy watching short films. Short films, like short stories, can say an amazing amount in a brief amount of time and, as with short stories, short films often pack a more powerful punch than their full length counterparts.

For today’s Top Ten Tuesday, I will be listing my favourite animated short films. I will do a separate list for live action shorts at some point in the future. Please keep in mind that this is a list of films I’ve actually seen. If your favourite short is missing from this list, it may simply be that I haven’t watched it yet. Feel free to post recommendations in the comments.

Without further ado, I present to you my personal top ten list of animated shorts, ordered from ten to one. I hope you enjoy them.

Number 10


Number 9


Number 8

Holy Monks

Number 7


Number 6

The Present

Number 5


Number 4

Oh Sheep!

Number 3

In a Heartbeat

Number 2

Changing Batteries

Number 1

Dust Buddies


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