5 Things I’m Watching on Netflix

So, I’ve been watching a few shows on Netflix recently. Well, if I’m being honest, my daughter has been watching them, and I’ve been caught up in the shows while attempting to work on my laptop. Here are some of the shows we’ve been watching. Oh, by the way, there will probably be spoilers, so consider yourself warned.

The Rain

This is a Scandinavian series about a group of survivors in a world where nearly everyone is dead or dying from a deadly virus carried by the rain. It started out well, and my kids seem to be enjoying it, but I’m honestly finding it a bit boring.

The Mist

This is a horror series based on a novella by Stephen King, so you know it will be either really, really good (Stephen King is one of the most brilliant story-tellers of modern times), or really bad (let’s face it, King’s works don’t always translate well into film). After watching four or five episodes, I’m leaning towards really, really good.

In this series, a mysterious mist descends upon a small town. Residents find themselves trapped as something in the mist is killing anyone caught outside. I will say that, so far, I prefer the movie of the same name. However, I am enjoying the series and feel it’s worth watching.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

I think Yasmine only started watching this because I don’t like to have anything with blood and gore playing while we eat. Whatever her reasons for watching in the first place, I’m glad she continued with it. I find it to be both light-hearted and humorous, and I enjoy watching it.


Yasmine is really into Zombies lately, so we have been watching Z-Nation together. As you might infer from the title Z-Nation is set during the zombie apocalypse. The show follows a group of survivors tasked with transporting a prisoner, Murphy, who was injected with an experimental vaccine and subsequently survived multiple bites, to California, in the hopes of discovering a cure.

Of course, their journey isn’t all smooth sailing, and the group does have a tendency to forget that Murphy has a mind of his own. Also, something weird seems to be happening to Murphy, and there appears to be a sinister story behind the origin of the z-virus. I’m about halfway through Season 2, and I already like this series far better than The Walking Dead. If you like zombies, you really should be watching Z-Nation.


This is a Brazilian Sci-Fi series set in a dystopian future where those living in the devastated and impoverished ‘inland’ can undergo a series of tests and challenges in order to weed out the ‘best’ three percent, who are then able to move to the more affluent paradise ‘Offshore’. I’ve stopped watching this because I find it to be boring and predictable, but Yasmine seems to be really into it, so maybe it’s just not my thing.

Have you watched any of these shows? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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