Terry waited for Julie to pass before emerging from the shadows.

“Hello, Michael.” he said coldly.

“Terry! But you… you’re…”

“Dead? It seems the Fates are quite displeased with you, Michael. They were rather annoyed to see the tapestry they work so hard on begin to unravel. I’ve been sent back to remedy matters.”

“I… It’s not what you think, Terry. I can explain.”

“Explain? You forget. I’ve watched your entire life play out before my eyes. I know your goals, your motivations, your most secret desires. I’ve seen what this world will become under your guidance. More importantly…” Terry’s face hardened. “I know precisely what you were about to do to my Julie.”

Michael took a shaky step back and raised the whistle to his lips. Terry chuckled.

“Go ahead,” he said, with a mocking wave. “However, I should warn you. I am only visible when I wish it, so you won’t come across as entirely… sane. Still, it might be amusing to see you serve a term in Bedlam. Ironic. So, by all means, call for help.”

Michael paled and lowered the whistle. “What do you want from me?”

“What do I want?” Terry raised an eyebrow. “Well, there is that pesky undertaking the Fates have tasked me with. Personally, though? Personally, what I truly want is revenge.” He grabbed Michael’s arm and they disappeared, the discarded whistle the only evidence of their presence.

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