Top Ten Beer Commercials

I have always loved watching well-made commercials. As a child, it was not unknown for me to ask Nanna Carmen to fast forward through the shows she recorded for me in order to skip to the ads. There are a lot of entertaining commercials out there, and some of the best seem to come from the producers of that ever-popular beverage — beer. Now, I am not a beer drinker, I don’t much like the taste, but I do enjoy a good beer ad.

Therefore, without further ado, I present to you my personal top ten list of Beer Commercials, ordered from ten to one. I know these are pretty much all from Australia. That is only because I’m unfamiliar with international beer ads. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy them.

Number 10

Hard Earned Thirst Campaign (Victoria Bitter aka VB)

Number 9

Orchestra (Victoria Bitter aka VB)

Number 8

Skytroop Show (Carlton Draught)

Number 7

Slow Mo (Carlton Draught)

Number 6

Revenge (Hahn Super Dry)

Number 5

Beer Belly (Tooheys New)

Number 4

Flying Doctor (Castlemaine XXXX)

Number 3

Poolside (Hahn Premium Lite)

Number 2

Beer Chase (Carlton Draught)

Number 1

Big Ad (Carlton Draught)


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