Top Ten Fanfics That Made Me Laugh Out Loud

Image by Greyerbaby - - CC0 Creative CommonsThis blog post may contain spoilers for various fandoms and some of the stories contain adult humour and/or NSFW content. You have been warned.

Fan fiction stories are a staple of any fandom. They allow fans to re-imagine all the parts of the original work they didn’t like or place their favourite characters in different situations.

Just like the authors of original works, fanfic authors strive to draw a reaction from their readers. Whether that reaction is tears, excitement or suspense is, of course, unique to the story. One such reaction is laughter. I have come across quite a few humorous stories over the years, many of which I found quite amusing.

Some of those stories were funnier than others, so much so that I found myself laughing aloud. Here are my ten favourite such stories, listed from ten to one:

Number 10

Bet on It (No.6)

Bet on It by nylasaur is a cute little slice-of-life piece in which Nezumi finds it hilarious when Shion loses a bet with Inukashi. It’s a little silly, as slice-of-life stories often are, but it’s funny nonetheless.

Bet on It is a complete one-shot with 1,111 words.

Number 9

Communication (Harry Potter)

After taking Felix Felicis on the day Dumbledore was slated to die, Harry finds himself drawn to speak to Professor Snape in the dungeons. At 3.00 in the morning. Communication by BlueSkyes101 chronicles the resulting conversation, which is quite humorous.

Communication is a complete one-shot with 3,325 words.

Number 8

The Worst Happiest Day Of His Life (Harry Potter)

When Harry and Draco are forced to marry (I’m not entirely clear on why), the results are somewhat predictable, and definitely hilarious. The Worst Happiest Day Of His Life by Amanuensis is short, but fun to read.

The Worst Happiest Day Of His Life is a complete one-shot with 4,612 words.

Number 7

From the Mouth of Babes (Harry Potter and Outnumbered Crossover)

Karen accosts Voldie at a wedding. From The Mouth of Babes by AnUnholyAmountOfPasta is short but funny. If you’ve never watched Outnumbered, you’ll probably find this story strange, but fans of the show will be chuckling aloud.

From the Mouth of Babes is a complete one-shot with 580 words.

Number 6

Oh God Not Again! (Harry Potter)

Oh God Not Again! by Sarah1281 is a do-over fic with a difference. Harry doesn’t travel back in time on purpose in order to fix things after events end in tragedy. Actually, in this story, Harry is rather content with his life, but a headstrong trip through the veil leaves him stranded in his younger self. If you, like myself, are a fan of sassy Harry, you’ll love this story.

Oh God Not Again! is a complete story with 50 chapters and 162,639 words.

Number 5

Gossip Queens (Harry Potter)

Gossip Queens by opalish is another silly little fic, which documents a drunken conversation between Harry and Neville. It’s short, but surprisingly funny.

Gossip Queens is a complete one-shot with 1,210 words.

Number 4

ThE SeVeRuS SnApE FaN cLuB (Harry Potter)

In ThE SeVeRuS SnApE FaN cLuB by AcquittedForLife, Harry gets tired of Snape’s constant digs at his fame and decides to get revenge the Marauder way. This story is absolutely hilarious and I highly recommend it.

ThE SeVeRuS SnApE FaN cLuB  is incomplete with 12 chapters and 13,405 words.

Number 3

Make A Wish (Harry Potter)

In Make A Wish by Rorschach’s Blot, Harry decides that if he is going to die, he is first going to live. Thus follows a series of hilarious misadventures and python-esque misunderstandings that make this story funny as hell. There is a sequel, but it’s incomplete, and not as funny as Make A Wish, so I didn’t bother including it.

Make A Wish is a complete story with 50 chapters and 187,589 words.

Number 2

A Black Comedy (Harry Potter)

Harry spends the years after the war researching the veil, hoping to retrieve his Godfather. After trying something incredibly reckless, he is sucked through the veil into a universe in which James and Lily are alive, but little Harry died on that long-ago Halloween night. Oh, and he’s found Sirius.

A Black Comedy by nonjon is bloody hilarious, but much of the humour is either very juvenile, or of the adult variety, so if neither of those are your thing, this may not be the story for you.

A Black Comedy is a complete story with 31 chapters and 246,320 words.

Number 1

Muggle Sarcasm and Rita Skeeter Don’t Mix (Harry Potter)

I tried reading this story out loud to my daughter, but I was laughing so hard, she couldn’t understand a word I was saying. Muggleborns will find Muggle Sarcasm and Rita Skeeter Don’t Mix by Jessica499499 hilarious from beginning to end, though purebloods will probably be left scratching their heads.

Muggle Sarcasm and Rita Skeeter Don’t Mix is a complete one-shot with 943 words.

Well, that’s it folks. Let me know in the comment section if you agree or disagree with this list, or if you know of a story you think I should read. Also, if you do read any of these stories, let me know what you think. Until then, have a hearty laugh, and enjoy your reading.

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