Top Ten Twitter Writing Events

Twitter has many uses and there is something there for almost any interest. It’s a great way to communicate and connect with people with like-minded interests all around the world. I personally have many interests, and I follow a wide variety of people on twitter. I follow people who post such content as history, fun facts, LGBTQI+, and current affairs.

However, the largest group of people I follow on twitter are other writers and it is through them that I discovered twitter writing events. For those who don’t know, twitter writing events are hashtag games wherein the host posts a theme and participants write a tweet-length microfic revolving around, or inspired by, that theme.

There are many writing events on twitter, covering a variety of genres, so writers are bound to be able to find at least one they are interested in. I have participated in a fair few since discovering their existence, though by no means all of them — there are simply far too many for that. The exact number I participate in varies depending on time constraints, but I do have some definite favourites.

Anyway, without further ado, here are my top ten twitter writing events, listed from ten to one:

Number 10


#vss365 is a daily writing event. I am only a recent participant but, from what I can gather, it seems that each month is hosted by a different person. The themes are generally a single word and can be quite interesting to write.

Number 9


#horrorprompt is a weekly horror themed event that I enjoy writing. As a horror fan, I love to read what other people write as well. There are some truly wonderful stories arising from these prompts. This event is hosted by @horrorprompt.

Number 8


#microprompt is a daily writing prompt consisting of a single syllable word. It is one of the writing events I try not to miss too often. This event is hosted by @microprompt.


Number 7


#SockItTueMe is a weekly event, taking place on Tuesdays. This is another event I enjoy participating in. This event is hosted by @SockItTueMe.


Number 6


#TrickyTues is a weekly event, taking place on Tuesdays. The prompt is generally a slightly more difficult word, and the definition is generally provided. This is one of the more enjoyable writing events because it is a little more challenging. This event is hosted by @Ida_Richens.


Number 5


#SciFiFri is a weekly event, with an optional scifi related theme posted on Fridays. Writing SciFi is enjoyable because it’s an opportunity for your imagination to go wild. This event is hosted by @SciFriPrompt.


Number 4


#SlapDashSat is a weekly event, posted on Saturdays. This is one of my favourites because it is a chance to let my hair down and write what I please. Any topic, any format, original lines or an excerpt from your WIP — pretty much anything goes. This event is hosted by @SlapDashSat.


Number 3


#FeelLines is a weekly event, posted on Thursdays. Each week’s prompt is an emotion, and participants are encouraged to ‘show, don’t tell’. This is excellent practice for any ongoing projects you may have in the works. This event is hosted by @scyian.


Number 2


#badwordsat is a weekly event, posted on Saturdays. It is very freeing to write without worrying about censuring your language, so this is another of my favourites. This event is hosted by @WillieHandler.


Number 1


#WhoNeedsAHero is a weekly writing event, posted on Fridays. This is my absolute favourite writing event on twitter. In this event, it’s all about the villain. Antagonists are just so much more fun to write than protagonists, making this number one on my list of twitter writing events. This event is hosted by @dwlandsborough.


If you are interested in trying your hand at a twitter writing event, but have no idea where to find them, I feel that Mica Scotti Kole’s list is a great place to start. It’s where I found most of those I write in. These events are great practice and lots of fun, so I encourage you to give them a try.

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