Anything Night Tonight

Do you ever have an ‘Anything Night’? Perhaps to use up leftovers, clear out your cupboards, or simply because you can’t be arsed cooking? We don’t have them very often because I generally have a weekly meal plan posted on the fridge (complete with who’s cooking, who’s doing dishes and so on); however, this past week, a few of us have been sick on and off, so I decided to forgo the meal plan this week and just take it one day at a time.

Tonight, I’m quite tired, so I decided to just have an ‘Anything Night’, where everyone just gets their own meal. We have a few tins of soup in the cupboard, some 2 minute noodles, eggs, shredded chicken, cereal, oats for porridge, soup veg and vegetable stock for those who prefer fresh soup, so there’s a fairly wide selection to choose from for dinner, along with doughnuts, fruit & yoghurt or custard for dessert.

I don’t yet know what hubby and Butterfly are having, but I’m pretty sure Storm is planning to eat noodles, while Yasmine and I are going to have egg, chicken, lettuce, basil pesto and aioli on a wrap. I would have liked to have tomato on there as well, but it turns out that red I saw in the fridge was apples.

Oh well, it should still be tasty, and probably fairly filling, so I can’t (or won’t, at least) complain.

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