Father’s Day

For those living in Australia, September 2nd was Father’s Day. We didn’t do much this year, what with moving costs on the horizon and being a bit short of cash. Earth was given control of the television for the day, and he took the opportunity to watch Wolf Creek 2.

For his gift, we bought him one of those do-it-yourself gift boxes from San Churros. When they say do-it-yourself, they really mean it. You are basically just buying whatever products you want, then adding a metal box on top. That’s it. They just throw everything into the box like it is a square metal shopping bag They don’t even make an effort to arrange it nicely. I ended up having to buy some tissue paper and ribbon from the news agency for Yasmine to doll it up a bit.

Butterfly gave him a Donald Trump game, and a Mojo Jojo plushie. She also cooked dinner — a delicious Indian meal, which was quite tasty, if a little too hot for me. Still it was Father’s Day, and Earth likes his meals super hot, so I dealt with it. She used goat for the meat. It was nicer than I expected; a little stringy, perhaps, but quite tender, and it tasted good. I think, for Indian meals, I prefer the goat over beef. Instead of the tortillas we usually eat with our Indian meals, Butterfly served chickpea chappatis, which were quite delicious, actually.

I don’t know if Earth enjoyed the day. He’s never really been into big celebrations. For me, the only disappointment was that Annie never came over. Still, she has been ill, and busy with work and study, so I guess I’m not too mad.

Anyway, to all you Dad’s out there, whoever you are, wherever you are, I hope you all had a great day on Sunday; and kids, when you next see your dad/s give him/them a big hug and let him/them know how much you appreciate having him/them around.

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