Only a few more hours

Well, we’re all packed, ready to go. Well, mostly. I still have a couple of loads of clothes to go through the dryer before I can pack them. I’m going to have to shove them in Storm’s bag, as he’s the only one with any room left. I did pay for extra weight for both check-in and carry-on, so we should be right there.

Also, I ran out of bubble wrap so I’ve left a bunch of breakables for Butterfly to pack when she can buy more. Then it will be a matter of having Earth or Butterfly get a few quotes from removalists and couriers to find out just how much it will cost to transport our boxes.

Also, since I ran out of time, poor Butterfly has been left with a bunch of books to release for me. She’ll then have to email me the BCIDs so I can make release notes. And when I say a lot, I mean over a hundred books. Poor Butterfly!

Annie and Nathan are collecting us at round 4.15 am and driving us to the airport. We’ll have brekky at Maccas before we check-in. I’m not looking forward to the flight as it combines three of my most hated things (heights, people, and closed in spaces). All it needs is spiders and it would be my ultimate nightmare.

I am, however, looking forward to seeing Jess and Paul, and, later on, Mum.

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