The Pelican History of Medieval Europe by Maurice Keen: Dot Points

Keen, Maurice. The Pelican History of Medieval Europe. 1969. Reprint, Ringwood: Penguin Books, 1979.

Initial Thoughts

I don’t know a lot about the medieval period. It was a gap in my education at High School. Ancient History only covered the years before the Roman Empire disintegrated, while Modern History began with the Renaissance. However, if I’m honest, I was a piss poor student in High School so, even if they had covered the medieval period, I doubt I’d know much more about it than I do now. I’m hoping this book will be a brief overview, just to give me a general working knowledge before I study specifics.

First Sentence (Preface)

‘This book has been written with the needs in mind of an ordinary, intelligent reader, who does not know much about what happened in the Middle Ages and would like to know more.’1

First Sentence (Chapter 1)

‘It was the men of the Renaissance who first called the period which preceded their own ‘the Middle Ages’.’2

The preface provides a list of the places which it is not about. I am left to wonder — just how narrow is the focus of this book?3

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