The Pelican History of Medieval Europe by Maurice Keen: Dot Points

‘The governance of the realm is the safety or ruin of all… [sic] When any member is injured, the whole body is made of less strength.’

Simon de Montfort, Song of Lewes, 1264, quoted in Keen, Medieval Europe, 194.

France: Reign of Philip IV: Establishment of the Estates General.62


So the tax free status enjoyed by religious institutions can be traced back to Pope Boniface VIII?63

Perhaps not.64


Specie65: Noun — Money in the form of coins rather than notes.66

Simoniac67: Noun — A member of the clergy engaging in simony (the buying or selling of ecclesiastical privileges).68


And we finally reach the Black Death!

Black Death = labour shortages = attempts to legislate low prices; wages; ability to leave occupation in search of better pay = riots & peasant revolts.69

These were contributory, rather than direct, causes.

Parallels with today? Covid raising tensions — capitol riots in US — attempts to (temporarily?) lower wage and working conditions in Australia.


Loss of simbiotic relations between lords and labourers; rise of exploitation and class divisions.70

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