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Newspaper Clipping:
New Lockdown Laws
Peter Jameson
South Australia faces harsh new lockdown laws amidst growing fears of a resurgence of the deadly Shiner virus. The virus, which devastated the globe ten years ago, resulted in the deaths of an estimated 1.8 billion children under the age of fifteen. Labor leader, Matthew Simons, opposes the measure, pointing out that, while the recent deaths are a tragedy, the victims have all been adults over the age of thirty-five, many of whom had underlying health problems.
"There has never been a confirmed case of Shiner in a person over the age of sixteen years," He said. "There is absolutely no evidence to suggest these deaths are due to anything more than a harsher than usual flu season. To institute a state-wide lockdown is an over-reaction that will cost the economy millions."
The Premier denies these claims, citing reports that the victims displayed the purple bruising around their eyes which earned the virus its name.
"The fact that these people displayed symptoms identical to the Shiner virus cannot, and should not, be disregarded. The mortality rate of this virus is such that ignoring even the possibility of a resurgence would be the height of folly. Yes, the economy will suffer under lockdown, but it would suffer far more should a mutated Shiner be allowed to run unchecked through the populace."
Details of the New laws can be found on page 12.

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