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“Ahmed was supposed to be here three weeks ago. Why isn’t he back? I need him to cover the Gaza Crisis!”

“Tickets weren’t to be had for love or money, mate. He’s managed to wrangle himself onto a flight in two weeks.”

Pete threw down his pen. “Two bloody weeks! And what do we do in the interim? Piggyback off Al Jazeera? Not bloody likely! Sarah picked a hell of a bloody time to get herself killed. Get Mike in here.”

“But Mike’s…”

“I bloody know! He’ll just have to suck it up. It’s only two bloody weeks, plenty of time before the brat’s born.”

“Wouldn’t want to be him when he tells Julie.” Chris mumbled a little too loudly.

Pete shot him an amused glance. “No, I imagine he’ll be bloody glad to leave by the time she’s done with him. Still, can’t be helped. I need someone on the ground and he’s the only one available. Well, what are you bloody waiting for? Go get him!”

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