“Johnson’s become a liability.”

Samantha sighed. “What is it this time?” she asked.

“He recorded us, Sam.”

Her fingers paused on the keyboard and she looked up.

“He did what?”

Pete took a step back. “He posted the damn thing on YouTube.”

Samantha froze. “He posted…”

He licked his lips before gathering his courage. “It gets worse, Sam.”

“Worse? How could it possibly be worse?”

“I’ve removed it, but…”


He winced. “But, well, it’d already gone viral. There’s no way we can contain it now.”

“Find Johnson. Now. I want him here yesterday!” she said.

“Yes, boss.”

“Oh, and Peter,” she said.

Pete glanced at the doorway. So close. He turned back.

“Yes, boss?”

“I want him conscious and able to answer questions, understand?”

“Yes, boss, of course.” He fled.

Samantha stared at her screen. What to do? Hmm. Perhaps this could be worked to their advantage. Yes. Spread a little fear, leak a few documents. Put the population in a state of panic. Bring forward the timing of their first attack. Maybe change the target. A school perhaps, or a theme park. Dead children always get a reaction. Some well-placed evidence pointing to a rogue government agency. She nodded. Johnson may well have done them a favour. His death would be quick and painless. Never let it be said she didn’t reward her employees.

This is a short plot bunny I came up with for a Writing Apocalypse workshop. What do you think? Is it worth expanding into a full story?

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