Writing Exercise Responses (March 2021)

Some writing exercises from Writing Apocalypse. For the first, the task was to write a paragraph containing a key image from The Revelation of John. The second task was to write a paragraph containing a key image from Neil Gaiman’s Ragnarok. The final task was to combine the previous two images into one piece of writing.

My responses are below. All are completely raw, unpolished and unedited. They were written during the lecture in the small window of time allocated by the lecturer.

Jamie was thrilled. After months of waiting, of patiently drawing him out of his self-imposed isolation, Greg had finally worked up the courage to ask her out. Sure, it wasn’t the traditional first date of pizza followed by a movie — he wasn’t quite ready for that level of social contact — but different is good, right? And really, snuggling under a warm blanket in the moonlight with a backdrop of a meteor shower was the very definition of romantic. Lust turned to confusion, then terror, as loud tremors announced the first impact.

Loki groaned in pain, aware that his end had come at last. He did not wish for more time, though the opportunity to cause more mayhem would be welcome. His breaths came in shallow gasps and he could barely raise a whisper as he proclaimed his satisfaction that his enemies had died first. Yet, even this comfort was denied him, as Heimdall claimed it a false victory. Any rebuttal died in his throat as the last of his consciousness fled to the sound of Heimdall’s mocking voice.

Heimdall watched, eyes hard, as Loki lay, wounded and broken, on the frozen ground. He felt no sympathy as his foe struggled for breath. Unwilling to grant his once-upon-a-time brother a peaceful death, he launched into a vivid description of what he could see. With words calculated to hurt, Heimdall relayed to Loki how Life, once called Jamie, and Greg the Life Yearner had survived within Yggdrasil to repopulate and renew the world he’d tried so hard to destroy. Only when Loki took his last breath, did Heimdall allow himself the peace of oblivion.

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