Writing Exercise Response (May 2021)

I got so caught up in my history assignment yesterday that I completely forgot about blogging. As an apology, I’m going to post twice today.

My first post for today is my response to a writing exercise from our fifth Writing Apocalypse lecture. It’s completely raw, unpolished and unedited, and was written during the lecture in the small window of time allocated by the lecturer.

Choose an historical societal collapse from memory and write a short paragraph about it.

In the end, our destruction came from far away, beyond our lands, beyond even the beyond. News of strangers with pale skin, worshipping a new God was carried on a tide of my fellows, fleeing their cities and farms, covered with the marks of some strange new disease, dying even as they spoke. Dying, dying, each day more death, and killing our city with them. This new God must be mighty indeed. When the strangers come, there’ll be none left to see them, to greet them, to fight them.

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