Rafferty’s Rules (the term) is Australian slang for no rules at all, a perfect name for a blog with no overarching theme. Rafferty’s Rules (the blog) reflects the diverse interests, and erratic schedule, of the blogger, Adelaide McElhinney (that’s me!). With interests ranging from reading to poetry, from writing to recipes, from fanfics to films, there is bound to be something here of interest to loyal readers and casual visitors alike.

While there are no hard-and-fast rules here, I do have three semi-official ‘days’ which I will at least attempt to adhere to:

Fiction Friday

As the name suggests, every Friday I will post a short story, flash fiction or small snippet that I have written. Every so often, I might write a fanfic instead. On the rare occasion this happens it will be stored in Friday Fanfics rather than Fiction Friday.

Top Ten Tuesday

This will no longer be a weekly post. Between uni, my family, and other real world commitments, top ten lists just take up too much time to collate on a weekly basis. I will, however, always post top ten lists on a Tuesday, even if they only appear every month or two.

Miscellaneous Mondays

Mondays are the day that I will post everything else. This is the day to tune in each week if you like variety, as I could post just about anything: poetry, quotes, recipes, blog posts, general updates, my thoughts on a book/movie/restaurant — basically anything that pops into my head.

Having said all that, I refuse to limit myself. Rafferty’s Rules, remember? So if I feel like posting something, I won’t necessarily await the appropriate ‘day’ to do so. Consider it bonus content if you wish. Also, I will add new words and first sentences to my favourites whenever I come across one I like, so be sure to check in from time to time if that kind of thing interests you.

Other Stuff

I am in Australia and using Adelaide Central Daylight Time (currently GMT +10:30), so keep that in mind when planning out your reading.

If you have any topics you’d like to see me blog about, top ten lists you would like to see, Fiction Friday prompts, complements or complaints, feel free to contact me using the form below:

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