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Who am I? Can anyone really answer that question? I don't know who I am. I'm undefined.

My Interests? Are many and varied, and my posts reflect my diversity.

Will our interests correspond? Only you can answer that question. Or will you, like myself, remain undefined?

  • Sixty Seconds (Original)

    I took a course at uni entitled Writing Apocalypse: Histories and Speculation. Our first assignment was to write a 500 word piece with the theme of ‘apocalypse’ inspired by, or in response to, our course readings and tutorial discussions. We were allowed to interpret the word ‘apocalypse’ rather broadly. This is my piece as it was submitted. Next week, I will re-post this piece incorporating the changes that were suggested by my marker. I recieved 76% for this assessment, but I personally feel like I should have scored much lower because I failed to convey to my marker that the piece was meant to be a person mourning a loved one killed after texting and driving, rather than a conventional apocalypse.

  • Medieval Europe Recommended Reading

    My reading list for ‘Medieval Europe: Crusades to the Black Death’. There is no way in hell I’ll be able to read all that before classes start in March! I’m going to have to prioritise those which look the most… Read More ›

  • Legacy

    Magpies strut, did you know? They carry themselves with the arrogance of the snottiest aristocrat, prancing about as though the very ground beneath their feet was laid down with the sole purpose of them one day gracing it with their presence.

  • Site Update December 2020

    Rafferty’s Rules is being resurrected. It has been a dead site for about a year and a half and it was, for all intents and purposes, dying for several months before that. Here’s why:

  • Top Ten ‘Top Ten Tuesday’ Posts 2013-2015

    I’ll start out this post with yet another apology. I was unable to post yesterday due to a shitty internet connection. Sorry, folks, but until it gets fixed even I don’t know from one day to the next whether I’ll… Read More ›

  • Expected

    Title: Expected
    Fandom: Harry Potter
    Chapters: 1
    Status: Complete
    Words: 902

    Summary: Harry was known by many names throughout his life, but he always held to one constant. No matter what, he would do what was expected of him. Harry/Ginny; Harry/?.

  • Apologies

    Just a quick apology for not posting a Top Ten Tuesday this week. I’ve had problems with my internet. It appears to be working now, though it is incredibly slow, so I will attempt to get a story out tonight… Read More ›

  • Review: Ash Road by Ivan Southall

    Ash Road by Ivan Southall is an Australian Young Adult (YA) novel set in country Victoria. First published in 1965, Ash Road tells the story of two separate groups of children and their various reactions to adversity. Wallace, Graham and… Read More ›

  • An Isolated Scene

    The tent stood tall in the clearing, a grunting roo its only company. A rusty pot lay abandoned in the mud, ants feasting beneath the mould and grime. Frost coated grass stretched to a horizon made sharp by the early… Read More ›

  • Top Ten Things I’ve Learned in My First Semester of University

    After moving from Sydney to Adelaide near the end of last year, I was having a hard time finding work. With my already low self-image plummeting, and growing frustrated with my lack of progress, I decided to take the huge… Read More ›

  • Yasmine at CFS Cadet Training

  • I’m Blogging Again

    Hey all. I’m finally back after my long absence. The last time you all heard from me, I was getting ready for my flight to Adelaide. I had intended to post before now, but every time I planned time to… Read More ›

  • Only a few more hours

    Well, we’re all packed, ready to go. Well, mostly. I still have a couple of loads of clothes to go through the dryer before I can pack them. I’m going to have to shove them in Storm’s bag, as he’s… Read More ›

  • Top Ten Will Smith Movies

    From the moment I first saw him perform in the nineties sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I have been a huge fan of Will Smith’s acting.

  • Beyond 2000

    I was born in 1977, placing me right on the generational cusp. I don’t quite fit in with the Gen-X-ers, but nor am I entirely comfortable with the Millenials. Whether it’s cultural references, technology, or social issues, I seem to… Read More ›

  • Prince Harry Visited my Daughter’s School

    I was going to resume normal blogging last Friday, but for various reasons that has had to be postponed until this coming Monday. Meanwhile, though, my daughter got to see Prince Harry today when he and Meghan paid an unexpected… Read More ›

  • Blog Updated

    I felt like my blog was looking a little dated, so I gave it a makeover. I decided to keep the name, but I completely revamped the entire look to (hopefully) make it more relevant.

  • Should I rename this blog?

    Just a quick note to let everyone know that I’m updating the sidebar today and tomorrow, then normal blogging will resume on Friday. I’m also considering changing the theme, and possibly the name. Opinions?

  • Father’s Day

    For those living in Australia, September 2nd was Father’s Day. We didn’t do much this year, what with moving costs on the horizon and being a bit short of cash. Earth was given control of the television for the day,… Read More ›

  • Top Ten Phrases My Grandparents Said

    I’m feeling a bit nostalgic this week, so here are the top ten phrases my grandparents used to say quite regularly, listed from ten to one:

  • British Food?

    I have recently developed an interest in trying as many traditional and regional British dishes as I can. I don’t know why — there was no specific incident or trigger for this interest. I simply, all of a sudden, desired… Read More ›

  • Top Ten Harry Potter Movie Villains

    Warning: May contain spoilers. The Harry Potter books and movies feature a wide range of interesting characters, creatures, and even sentient objects. Some are good, others not so much. While many of the good guys are enjoyably quirky, it is… Read More ›

  • Intermittent, then Non-existent Posts

    I haven’t been posting a lot, lately. At first, I tried to post intermittently, around recurring illnesses and preparations for my move. The reason I haven’t been posting at all over the past few weeks, though, is a simple one…. Read More ›

  • Cowards All

    Note added 28/11/2020: Yes, I did believe this at one point in my life. I was going through a lot in my life (which I have no intention of posting here, so don’t bother asking) and I was in a very dark place. It was a very brief interlude in my life of maybe a few years where I hated everyone and everything, myself most of all. I didn’t believe this before that time, and I don’t believe it now. However, I am not going to delete this post as I believe in owning my mistakes as well as my successes.

  • Top Ten Harry Potter Time Travel Stories

    This blog post contains spoilers for Harry Potter and some stories may be triggering. You have been warned. Fan fiction stories are a staple of any fandom. They allow fans to re-imagine all the parts of the original work they… Read More ›

  • HP/Z-Nation Recs?

    First, let me begin by apologising for the lack of Top Ten Tuesday and Fiction Friday last week. My internet was too intermittent for lengthy blog posts, and I had neither the time, nor the inclination to catch the bus… Read More ›

  • Anything Night Tonight

    Do you ever have an ‘Anything Night’? Perhaps to use up leftovers, clear out your cupboards, or simply because you can’t be arsed cooking? We don’t have them very often because I generally have a weekly meal plan posted on… Read More ›

  • Laying Low

    Mama’s face lit up when she spied me through the old screen door. “Well hello there, Sugar.” She said. “Ain’t you a sight for sore eyes.” “Hello Mama.” I replied. “May I come in?”

  • Top Ten Twitter Writing Events

    Twitter has many uses and there is something there for almost any interest. It’s a great way to communicate and connect with people with like-minded interests all around the world. I personally have many interests, and I follow a wide… Read More ›

  • Chopsticks

    I learned to use chopsticks when I was a kid. My Dad was the entrepreneurial type, always starting new businesses, always swearing that ‘this was the one’. We had periods when I was very young when we didn’t have a… Read More ›