May his soul find peace

Out of respect for the death of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Rafferty’s Rules will be observing a period of mourning. No blog posts will be published during this time. Normal activities will resume on the first Monday in May.

Beyond 2000

I was born in 1977, placing me right on the generational cusp. I don’t quite fit in with the Gen-X-ers, but nor am I entirely comfortable with the Millenials. Whether it’s cultural references, technology, or social issues, I seem to… Read More ›

Blog Updated

I felt like my blog was looking a little dated, so I gave it a makeover. I decided to keep the name, but I completely revamped the entire look to (hopefully) make it more relevant.

British Food?

I have recently developed an interest in trying as many traditional and regional British dishes as I can. I don’t know why — there was no specific incident or trigger for this interest. I simply, all of a sudden, desired… Read More ›

Cowards All

Note added 28/11/2020: Yes, I did believe this at one point in my life. I was going through a lot in my life (which I have no intention of posting here, so don’t bother asking) and I was in a very dark place. It was a very brief interlude in my life of maybe a few years where I hated everyone and everything, myself most of all. I didn’t believe this before that time, and I don’t believe it now. However, I am not going to delete this post as I believe in owning my mistakes as well as my successes.

HP/Z-Nation Recs?

First, let me begin by apologising for the lack of Top Ten Tuesday and Fiction Friday last week. My internet was too intermittent for lengthy blog posts, and I had neither the time, nor the inclination to catch the bus… Read More ›


I learned to use chopsticks when I was a kid. My Dad was the entrepreneurial type, always starting new businesses, always swearing that ‘this was the one’. We had periods when I was very young when we didn’t have a… Read More ›

Atheist or Not?

Let me just begin this post by apologising in advance. I’m just going to be posting my thoughts rather than attempting to put together a structured post. That may cause my musings to be a little disjointed or difficult to… Read More ›

Mt Barker

First off, let me apologise for not posting a story for Fiction Friday this week. I spent the morning travelling to the airport and, due to a delayed flight, the entire afternoon at the airport. By the time I arrived… Read More ›

News Break

Well, I’m back to my usual blogging schedule. As many of you will know, I took a break over the holidays. I decided that this year, I would have a stress-free holiday. So I did all my shopping early, I… Read More ›

Double Standards

I am starting to get exceedingly irritated with a commonly expressed internet opinion with regards to Islam. I’m sure you’ve seen the point of view I’m referring to. It is generally some variation of the following statement: “If the majority… Read More ›