“…an ineffably pious person who mistakes this world for a penitentiary and himself for a warder.” — C.J. Dennis (on the wowser) in Bill Wannan’s Come in Spinner Related articles Wowsers (evolving30.wordpress.com)


I believe that boredom is a side-effect of the conventional school approach. In school, children are taught not to do what they feel like, and not to act on a sudden creative impulse or idea. Instead they are expected to… Read More ›


For a relatively small amount of money, an excellent solution is to buy him a hand-held Satellite Navigation System for his birthday/Christmas which is an excellent spatial boy’s toy that will allow him always to be right, never to be… Read More ›


Some people think that a child’s cooperation is something adults are entitled to; they think it is something they can demand. But genuine cooperation cannot be demanded – it can only be earned, and must be given freely. When children… Read More ›


Nest-defending females did not venture alone past the horizon so they learned to navigate by landmarks – sensing direction was never a necessity and was not part of her job description. If she could see a tree, or a lake… Read More ›


Painted on the shop-front of a signpainter in Wagga: I am not Superstitious but I do believe in Signs. — Pam Thornton in Bill Wannan’s Come in Spinner Related articles 5 funny signs that meant well, but didn’t get it… Read More ›

Live longer

You can live much longer if you give up everything that makes you want to live longer. — Herbert V Prochnow & Herbert V Prochnow Jr. in Jokes, Quotes & One Liners Volume 2 Related articles “The longer I l…… Read More ›

Put it down

No parent would tell her toddler, “Let’s put that caterpillar down and get back to your book about caterpillars.” Unschoolers learn directly about the world. — Jan Hunt in The Unschooling Unmanual Related articles The Teenage Liberation Handbook (kk.org) ‘Unschooling’… Read More ›

Better late…

Road sign in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation area: Better a few minutes late than Dead on Time. — Pam Thornton in Bill Wannan’s Come in Spinner Related articles Road Sign Colors and Shapes (allstate.com)